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Xbox 360 transferring data?


My Xbox 360 hard drive is full with only 150mb or so of space left. I am willing to get a bigger hard drive, but is it possible to transfer the data on my old hard drive onto the new one. If so, how?

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  1. yes you can , they are called transfer kits ask your retailer

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    after you do this you will also need to transfer the licences to those games and content

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  2. Yes, there is a product released by Microsoft. Ironically its called Xbox 360 Transfer Data Cable lol. You transfer all the data onto your new harddrive through the Cable. It does it for you. Here’s a link to the product info.

    Gamestop: [url is not allowed].

    Walmart: [url is not allowed].

    How to transfer data: [url is not allowed].

    Its an old video but the same steps and everything.

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