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xbox 360 time and date keeps changing?


i keep changing my xbox360 time and date but everytime i switch off the console and switch it on again it resets itself to 22-11-05. does anyone have any ideas?
i definitely press A and continue. I think it may be because i shut down to quickly. not sure. Does xbox live influence any of this?
Update 2:
i meant as in i shut down soon after i reset the time and date., i’ve waited a long time after i set it but it still doesnt seem to stay the same. i’ll try and connect to xbox live and see what happens

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  1. Sounds like a bad CMOS battery.

    Edit: Yes, when you connect to LIVE it automatically adjusts the time. But once again, the issue is a bad CMOS battery. If it’s not under warranty you can put in a new one yourself. They are only a couple of dollars.

  2. Are you unplugging the system or turning off the surge-protector (if your system is plugged into one)? Are you confirming the change of date by pressing A rather than using B or jumping right into a game?

    If it’s the first one, the reason is that the Xbox isn’t getting power to maintain the time and date in it’s memory. If it’s the second one, then the time and date automatically jump back to that date and time if it isn’t set. If it isn’t either of those, then I can’t say for sure; perhaps if you could provide a bit more info of how you shut down the system or anything else that might be different from other other systems work.

    Edit: Xbox Live would enable your system to automatically fix the time and date whenever you connected to Xbox Live. I’m not sure what you mean by “i shut down to quickly”. Are you just turning off the system, or are you unplugging it or turning off the surge protector like I asked above? If you’re just turning off the system, then it should not be resetting the time as long as you set it yourself anytime it’s not correct.

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