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Wolfenstein: The New Order – Review


Wolfenstein: The New Order - Review


  1. Are you seriously complaining about the fact you have to pick up items or that duel-wielding is difficult to aim? Seriously wtf.

  2. one of the greatest games of the generation. characters, plot and what shooters should be like now.

  3. Sorry but I do agree the constant clicking is annoying . Just got this game yesterday and iv been just clicking square and shooting all day . Still an amazing game .

  4. "Tedious opening section that takes forever to put a gun in your hand"…???

    It's like ten minutes in a plane(where you get to shoot), and then you're on the ground with guns. I do agree with the item collection being a bit tedious after a while though. There's just too many items. I do laugh bit at what this guy would look like in a realistic sense, picking up every helmet he finds, and throwing it on for armor.

    Good game all in all though.

  5. I really enjoyed this game, I didn't mind the fact that it doesn't have code automatic pick up for items or halo 2 regeneration of heath. I think the old school methods make this game better.

  6. I was put off every time BJ said killing Nazis. Someone who talks about killing people like a pass time seems like a bit like a sociopath and not someone I would ever want to be like.

  7. I'm nearly finished the xbone version now. one of the most fun fps games I've played in a while. I think the story and varied missions (vehicles, etc) put the campaign ahead of doom 2016. a 7.8 seems way low for a fun game with great story, top notch production, graphics, characters, and voice acting.

  8. IGN… The Last of Us also has players press a button to collect everything, even ammo in the middle of gunfights. And you didn't complain about that…

  9. Why is ign so opinion based,and why does it seem like the reviewer couldn't play the game so they give it a bad reveiw

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