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Wireless for Xbox 360?


Hey, my mom bought this as a gift and we realized we don’t really know what it does.

We though you could go online and play with others but we don’t think that is the case. Which is the correct thing we were supposed to get?

As you can tell we aren’t video game savvy.

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  1. Alright you attach that to the back of your xbox console in the usb port. You turn on your xbox and have to go to create account on xbox live. You do all of that good stuff and you then have to pick the wireless internet connection that you want to use, which you pick the name of your wireless router. during the set up its pretty self explanatory. good luck

  2. You can’t just go online even if you have the wireless adapter. The wireless adapter helps you connect to the wireless router in your home, to send the signal to your Xbox. You will still need a Live subscription for your Xbox to actually play online, which I really hate.

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