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WILL Xbox 360 HD AV Cable, work with NON-HD TV?


I have a non-HD tv, im going to buy a 360 soon and would like to know, will the HD AV cable work with non-hd tv at all? if it work would quality be any better compared to a normal AV cable? or is the HD av cable exclusively for hd tv only? thanks guys(or gals)!

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  1. The HD AV cable has 6 pins compared to the standard 3. On top of the regular red, white and yellow it has an extra red, a green and a blue. To use these as HD you need to use the red and white for audio and the other 3 for visual and set the switch to HD. If you have a standard TV you just need to use the normal colours and keep the switch to the SD setting. Unfortunately the quality will not be much better at all.

  2. the cable that comes with the box has a switch on it, one position of the switch says hd one says something else i think analog or something but you use this switch on the cable to tell the 360 if your using an hd tv or not

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