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Wich PS3 Should I Get!?


I been wondering lately if I should get 80gb(newer version) or the new slim?Or maybee wait till Christmas and see if the 250gb slim rumors are true and get that.Also how long will the 80gb versions stay on the shelf?P.S. the look,sigh,is not a major problem.I just want to know wich is faster,uses more higher quality parts,and also has a better proccesor(whatever that is.)P.S.P.S I don’t really care about linux either.

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  1. You should get the PS3 Standard. Here’s why:

    1) Reliability-wise, I think its the standard PS3 that wins over the slim. Sony has already improved, if not perfected, that model with the re-releases of newer “fat” models before they went out with the slim. The CECHK and CECHL standard models of 80GB and 160GB are particularly more reliable than the launch 20GB and 60GB models. On the other hand, the PS3 slim is relatively unproven.

    2) Touching on the overheating issue, the PS3 slim will not have heat problems like the PS2 slim but it may have the same rare heat problems like the PS3 standard. The slim uses a cooler and more efficient 45nm process but this is negated by the console’s smaller size and a smaller heat sink. It’s just a smaller PS3 and proportionally generates the same amount of heat as the standard.

    3) The PS3 slim is a watered down version of the standard. It does not have the “futuristic” appeal. No touch sensitive buttons. Doesn’t have the capability to install Linux. To all the other people saying the slim is better because it has a bigger hard drive, this is irrelevant considering you can always upgrade your PS3’s hard drive no matter which model you have. Essentially, the slim has the same capabilities as the standard.

    IMHO, I would get the standard while there’s still remaining stock. It’s tried and tested. If you’re adamant on getting the slim, wait for 6 months as launch-related hardware issues may prop up in the near future. It’s better to be on the safe side of things.

  2. if you can find it, get the 80gb. if you can’t, get a slim NOW! they will sell out! you can swap the ps3 hdd for any old hard drive. look it up on youtube.

  3. U should get ps3 80gb version because it has a fan and wont do that much sound.And it looks better.

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