why wont playstation 2 games work on the playstation 3? and playstation...

why wont playstation 2 games work on the playstation 3? and playstation games work on the ps3?


but playstation games do work on it but not the playstation 2 ones

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  1. as matthew stated you cant play ps2 or ps1 games on the ps3 40gb version. But also even if you do have a 60gb console which can play ps1 and ps2 games , some games however dont work like i cant get killzone to work on my 60gb or 40gb but others will.

  2. Neither the original 20 GB or the current 40 GB have backwards compatability, no ps2/ps1 games can be played.

    But if your having trouble saving ps2 games download the small ps2 hard disk file off the ps store for free

  3. Most likely, you have the 40 GB model of the PS3.

    ALL models can play PS1 games, but the 40 GB is the only one that CAN’T play PS2 games.

    Basically: The 40 GB can play PS1 and PS3 games (duh), but CAN’T play PS2 games at all

    The 20 and 60 GB can play 99% of all PS2 games.

    The 80 GB plays 80% of all PS2 games.

    The “new” 80 GB Core coming out this Fall can’t play PS2 games

  4. PSX games should work on all versions of the PS3.

    If you have the 40 gb PS3, then PS2 games won’t work on it because the 40 gb PS3 is missing the emotion engine and the GPU to play PS2 games.

  5. Ummmmmmm because you have the 40gbs version. But if u buy a Ps3 is to play new games not ps2 games! This is my opinion.

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