which ps3 should i get?

which ps3 should i get?


i want a ps3 i am going to buy it at gamestop but im thinking should i get the refurbished ps3 slim 250 gb for 270 or 120 gb ps3 slim for 300

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  1. duude get it from amazon.com

    its the best

    i got it from there last week and came to my house in 4 days!

    i got 160gb ps3 with ratchet and clank AND singstar dance (BUNDLE) FOR ONLY 300 BUCKS.

  2. I say get the new 120gb PS3 slim for 300, why? because the old user of the refurbished PS3 may have broke something, may have jailbroken it, which makes Sony ban you from Online. The new one is good, as you wouldn’t be using all 120gb anyways, I say you’d be using 50GB max. trust me it will make all your worries go away if you buy the 300 one.

    I hope my answer has helped you pick your choice.

    -Pikachu Is Awesome

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