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Which one is best Ps3 or Xbox 360?



  1. This is an Indian, next gen will not launch in Indian for a long time. Buy a 360 , PS3 sucks and online sucks more. Its just 3500 rupees (3000 at festivals on online shopping sites) per year for online services which are 1000 times better than PS3. Please buy a 360

  2. well first of all i suggest the xbox one, since its next gen. I personally have the ps3 and i am getting the xbox one. I think that the xboxes are better than the playstations. Especially the xbox one. But if you are choosing between the two, get the xbox

  3. Xbox 360 and ps3 are both equaly good with ps3 the online is free but it sucks it is worth the 60 bucks a year for xbox live they both have good exclusive games. Xbox run smoother and are better for people who do gaming marathons ps are more for casual gamers I'm not being bias I have both

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