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Where is the L button on the Xbox 360 controller?


on gta 4 on one of the missions you have to press the L button to honk the horn to get the girls attention, but I can’t find the L button. :S Ive already tried all the buttons and none work? :

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  1. L button can refer to one of two things, the Left Bumper or the Left Trigger. Chances are, if it says the L “button” it is referring to the Left Bumper, which, if you have a PS1, PS2, or PS3 and are familiar with the controls, is the equivalent of L1. The Left Trigger is the equivalent of the L2 on a PlayStation controller. They are also referred to as “Shoulder Buttons,” but that term has been discontinued. I don’t believe they are labeled at all with an L, so that is why you may have had trouble finding them. Also, unlike the A, B, X, and Y buttons, the L Bumper, R Bumper, L Trigger, and R Trigger are as white as the controller itself, which is another reason you may have been unable to find them.

  2. they want you to press down on the left thumb stick and make sure its the left one some people get confused with the left thumbstick and the right thumbstick and for the left button (LB) its above the left trigger (LT) you can also check on the back of the controller because they are labeled and if you still can’t find what to do check the game manual for honking the horn on a car in the ‘Controls section’

  3. EASY – L = LEFT CONTROL STICK (NOT DPAD) push it in

    read any of your manuals


    LT = left trigger (back left)

    LB = left bumper (above LT)

  4. the Lb is above the LT or the left button is above the left trigger on the front of the controller closest to the TV while playing.

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