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When is there going to be a game console newer than the Xbox 360?


I have the regular Xbox right now and am looking to buy the Xbox 360 because of all the games i have from the Xbox that will work on it. I am hesistant to buy the Xbox 360 now because it is not exactly new anymore. Does anyone know if a newer version of the Xbox will be coming out soon and that I should just save my money until that ones comes out?

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  1. Your talking about 3-4 years of waiting. And I dont really think you have that much patience.go ahead and get in there.

  2. Im not too sure when a new xbox is coming out, but i have heard of a new version of the Xbox 360 called the “xbox ultimate”

    By what ive looked at it seems like its jsut to prove to people that xbox can beat the PS3, so they are jsut building lots of things into the console rather than having them as extras

    Here are soem of the possible features of the Xbox Ultimate

    -320Gb hard drive?

    -TV recording ability (like Sky plus)

    -built in hd dvd player (currently an extra)

    -Built in wirless

    – improved hardware which is less prone to overheating

    So by the look of it its for serious gamers and has alot of improvments!

  3. At the earliest, I would say late 2009, but that is a very (very) aggressive date. Traditionally, consoles are released late in the year with a 5 year spacing, however that has been getting smaller recently. The 360 was released in November 2006, so if Microsoft decides to hit four years instead of five that would put them right at 2010. I would probably say more like 2011 though. I would buy one, as a lot of good games are already out and more will come out between now and then.

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