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whats wrong with my xbox?


i was playing a game on halo when all of a sudden a red ring comes up and turned off my xbox then i stoped playing for a whle and started again every thing worked exept i couldnt use my wireless controller, when i plugged in my controller the light on the xbox wouldnt turn on ,and my memory unit wouldnt work

i need to know if i need to send it in or get a new memory unit

please help

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  1. Thsi Is Called “The Ring Of Death”. It Means that either your xbox 360 is overheated and need to cooldown or it died and u need to send it back, But it is free

  2. It is going to explode so quickly pick it up and throw it out the window and then pour a bucket of water on it just to be safe!

  3. This is called “The Red Ring Of Death” Xbox’s have this problem ever year or so. It basically means that your Xbox is a little over used and you need to send it in and get a new one. But don’t worry its free!

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