Home Xbox Forum whats better PS3 or xbox 360?

whats better PS3 or xbox 360?


just read the title 🙂

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  1. Depends on what you want, X-Box 360 has faster downloading times for patches and has more players and other tiny little perks, On the other hand the ps3 is a great blue ray player, has free psn, and has better graphics.

  2. I have both.

    I always play online, so for me XBOX is WAAAY better online. from party chat with your friends to finding other gamers.

    The ps3 has more “extras” like that internet BUT the two of these are gaming consoles and not PCs.

    For online gaming get the xbox 360.

    If u like the “extras” then the ps3.

    Also remember when trying to watch a dvd the pirate ones wont play in the ps3 because of copy right BUT with the xbox it will

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