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What should I do with this 360?


Ok, I moved into a new house and I found a 360 in the floor, apparently the owner left it behind. I went to gamestop and asked them to hook it up to a 360 Elite A/C cable (the owner left only the console nothing else) and it game the normal two RRD signaling the absence of the HDD and then three RRD which I believe it means that the motherboard or the graphic card is toasted. No wonder the guy/gal left it behind, I went to this guy that fixes Xbox and asked him how much would it cost me to fix this baby and he immediately responded “that will be $60”. Now understand that I don’t have a huge allowance and with $60 I can buy a used 60Gb HDD+the A/C Elite cable+the normal tv cables (or an HDMI cable). I just found this site that gives me step-by-step instructions on how to fix this problem and sells me a complete kit too, it is called “www.llamma.com” you guys probably heard of it. Now this Xbox can easily have a good five years and I am aware of the 3-year extension that Microsoft posted. But when I go to register the product I need to put my address, telephone and other types of information that I don’t feel comfortable giving just for an Xbox. I also took off the Faceplate and noticed that the silver “Microsoft” seal was intact, so I just don’t know what to do, ’cause I want it fixed immediately. Should I fix it myself, pay the $60 for the guy to stab me in the a$$, or try to send it to Microsoft and wait a month for it to hopefully return? Thank you very much for your time, especially for reading such a long description.

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  1. empty it out and fill it with coke and mentos with a dividing device in the middle that breaks when you plug the power cable in, then leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep. when he plugs it in, it will explode.

  2. Send it to 8495 Woodhill drive Chardon, Ohio and I’ll fix it for $40. I have a nice fair family owned business and my pop and I are good at fixing consoles.

  3. We’re men, we fix things ourselves. At least if it doesn’t work, u tried for free. Look for a buddy that has the additional stuff to test it out, If it works then purchase a 60GB HDD and look for used cables, or someone who is willing to give it out for free. Kijiji or craigslist.

  4. Your three options are:

    Send it to microsoft:

    The rrod error is covered for 3 years after purchase or manufacture date. I’m thinking because you had a silver seal it was manufactured between 2005-early2007 which means the warranty has long expired. You can still send it in to microsoft for a 99$ repair but it will take about 2-3 weeks.

    Send it to an at local electronics repair guy:

    Don’t just pick someone off of craigslist, ask them what methods they are using and what tools they have. If they are just doing the xclamp fix then it will probably only last 2-3 months and isn’t worth 60 bucks. If they are doing a reflow or a reball then it will be worth more but it also depends on what equipment they are using, a 50 dollar heat gun from walmart, I wouldn’t expect the best results, while if they are using a thousand dollar rework station I would expect optimal repairs and also a higher price tag.

    Do it yourself:

    It will cost you 5 dollars in supplies from home depot and some time. You know it wont last forever but hell it saves you some money.

    The plan you didn’t think of:

    Buying a used system on ebay! [url is not allowed]. You can probably get that for under 110, and you will be able to have everything you need, also you can then sell your rrod console for 20 bucks on craigslist.

  5. 2 red lights means it’s overheating not missing a hard drive. If they left it, it’s most likely past its warranty including the 3 years for the real red ring of death (3 red lights). Microsoft would charge $100 to fix it though their repair is the most reliable. It would come back with a warranty. If that’s not an option, the next best thing is a repair from Gamestop. At home fixes as well as paying some random guy to fix it should be a last option when you don’t care if you’re throwing your money away or not. Most will end up overheating again by choosing one of those options.

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