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What game should I get for my xbox 360?


I have a few options for getting a 360 game and wanted some opinions on which i should get.

Mass Effect 3

Red Dead Redemption.

Modern Warfare 3

Wait for Black ops 2,

or get a 120 gig hard drive so i can redownload MW2 Gears 3 and Dragon age 2?
MW2 Was my fav also! Between all CoDs but MW3, cause i havent played it lol

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  1. Get max Payne 3 it’s amazing and skyrim and assassins creed 2,brotherhood and revelations (assassins creed 3 is comin out) halo 4 is comin out ohhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuyeahhhhhhhh AND THE BEST GAME OF ALL OF THEM IS.GTA V THE BEST GAME IT IS COMING OUT IT’S GONNA BE THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED. GET IT.

  2. You shouldnt get black ops 2. The first black ops was terrible. Get MW3. It’s very well made and has very good ratings. MW2 is actually my favorite but thats me.

  3. ME3 -> Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Dragon Age series

    Red Dead Redemption -> GTA series, Saints Row series, Prototype series

    MW3 -> Borderlands (FPS+RPG), Bulletstorm (FPS that rewards you for being creative and sadistic)

    Something different -> Bayonetta (insane action fighter featuring a witch who fights angels and uses “tortures” to finish them off), Dynasty Warriors 7 (control historical figures from China’s warring states era 2000 years ago, and go stomping across the battlefield. Careful – you might learn something.)

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