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what game should i buy for my new 360?


Anything but sports. Im not really into sports video games.

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  1. another game that ppl are raving about is Call of Duty 4.Guitar Hero and Rock Band are a lot of fun too (especially Rock Band). And as the person before me said Halo 3 is a must, I Love it.

  2. FEAR, Ultimate Alliance, Dead Rising, Assassins Creed, and Hot Wheels: Beat That are a few really good games.

  3. Halo 3 & Call of duty 4.only if you can get Xbox live.

    If not get GTA 4 (when it comes out in April)

  4. Halo 3(Must Have), Gears of War(Must Have), Call of duty(Must Have), Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed Pro Street, GhostRecon Advanced warfight 2, Orange Box, Devil May Cry, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Bio Shock(Game of the Year), Crack Down, Forza Motorsport 2, Skate, Grand thef Auto IV(coming soon) ect. all are very good games 4 the 360

  5. COD4 this game is the best fps ever made and if you like things like rpgs then get mass effect lost odyssey and racing games get burnout paradise or pgr 3 and forza motorsport and if you like online get phantasy star universe you can create your own player and you can go shopping online story mode with up to 6 people in your party and you can even go to a club and the fighting is like kingdom hearts. And if you like guitar hero then get rock band or you can wait to get guitar hero aerosmith if your a fan of there music. It comes out june 4

  6. I bought a used xbox 360 and got gears of war and crackdown. i like them both but i can’t wait to get the new burnout game for it. i alos order rumble roses for it 🙂

  7. Shooters:

    Halo 3 (a must have)

    Gears of War

    Ghost Recon Advance Warfigheter (1 and 2)

    Half Life 2: Orange Box (5 games in 1)



    Mass Effect


    Lego Star Wars (I know, it sounds like a kids game but I’m over 30 and love it)

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