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What does the red ring around the xbox start button mean, S (I am not saying I have it)?


What is this red ring of death people are talking about these days. I have not got it but I have heard once you get it your xbox buggered. But how do people get it and how can I avoid getting it. And when I say what does it mean, don’t just give me a answer saying your xbox is dead, please go into a bit more detail please.

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  1. Red ring is a red ring around you light on your xbox and when you get it, it means your xbox got over heated and your xbox is broken and you cant use it anymore unless you repair it by paying a store and.

    just play on your xbox but not more than 10 non stop.

    and let your xbox be free to air not locked up in a box or something.

  2. it means something is broken with your xbox, kind of like how when an hp computer breaks, the screen goes blue

  3. it was a design flaw in the earlier models of xbox 360. it was caused by bracers holding down heatsinks that were extremely cheap and hastily put together, causing the heatsinks to not work efficiently. the red ring happens when the cpu determines that heat levels within the xbox are not safe and shuts it down. the whole cause of the problem is that microsoft rushed the xbox and put it out with this bug still in it. the new xbox slims (the black ones in stores now) have this issue fixed.

  4. There are different red rings.

    1=xbox A/v cables are not connected/ failing

    3 = xbox is overheating / E74 message (RROD)

    4 = xbox power supply is not connected properly

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