Home Xbox Forum What are your views on the certificates that Xbox games are given?

What are your views on the certificates that Xbox games are given?


Are they a true reflection of what the game contains, or in your view is it safe to let a younger child play the game?

The reason I’m asking is because my 10 year old son wants to play higher rated games but I won’t let him. Whats making the situation worse is that his friends (of the same age) are allowed to play them, but I don’t want him to play them!

Thank you!

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  1. i doesnt matter really because my mother and father let me play games that are above, and if he plays a bad game he would hardly go and reanact that game

  2. It depends honestly. Gears of war, very gorey game, as an older gamer I don’t mind, so long as you explain the difference between a game and real life.

    HOWEVER. Games with “questionable” activities, scantily clad women and such, I wouldn’t recommend, but there are hardly any games like that out, other than Grand theft auto four, but that’s really the only thing I see.

    You shouldn’t worry to much about the higher rated games, so long as you ask and get information about them first to make sure they’re not “to” graphic, most games are rated higher than they should, ESRB wise, because of politicians.

    BASICALLY. Give your kid a firm grasp upon reality and fantasy, and he should be fine to head shot people like the rest of us. Do your homework and make your decisions that way, look past the esrb basically.

    Also, about online gaming, I wouldn’t give it to him at first, allow him to mature a little, or at least hide the headset. Mainly because once he starts talking, he “will” be made fun of and he “will” annoy people. There are three types of people who play on Xbox Live. The annoying kids who’s high pitched voices affect the thinking of everyone every time they talk. The annoying adults who act like children. And the mature folks, the few, who basically do nothing to stop the first two.

  3. The age restrictions are there for a reason. Be firm and consistent, when he gets older he can play them then and only then. The other boys parents should be working with you as a team on this. Get them on board and bring them up to speed. Take his mind off it by introducing other activities in his life.

  4. It’s partly about making money but they want to regulate a new rating system in the UK for videogames, which is similar to the movie industry. Currently a lot of potentially damaging gameplay slips through misleading parents. These figures come from a poll conducted on the British YouGov portal, these are disputed though (aren’t they always).YouGivs conclusions were :

    * 74% of parents are concerned about the content of some video games.

    * 79% of parents think video games may affect the behaviour of some children.

    * 74% of parents believe video games should be regulated by an independent regulator.

    * 77% of parents believe video game ratings should reflect the concerns of UK parents.

    * 82% of parents believe it would help them if video games used the same ratings as films and DVDs.

    “This poll clearly shows parents support a regulatory system for games that is independent of the industry and UK based, reflecting UK sensibilities and sensitivities. The BBFC has been classifying games for over 20 years and our decisions reflect the views of the public. Our classification systems and symbols are known and trusted by the public and in a converging media world they want to know what their children are playing as well as watching.”

    Personally, I review the games myself to see what kind of content they have. But I have the advantage of working in the industry & playing a few rpgs myself. Most parents don’t have time. Some of the material in games is far unsuitable for a 10 yr old- prostitution, violence, gore, swearing. I discern between letting them play alien shooters with gore turned off but usually the military style shooters, I refuse them from playing everytime. I’m always hesitant when a rating Is above 12 / 15 – typically it’s really not suitable material for a child. Don’t forget with live features, your child also has access to older gamers, (and their attitiudes online). Particulary with higher rated titles. It’s really difficult to moderate as a parent so any rating is better than nothing.

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