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Used 360: Got it working, but I have to refix it every few days?


Ok, so my friend gave me his broken 360, and I fixed it with the help of this tutorial:

[url is not allowed]

I did not replace the x clamps though, I only removed the old thermal paste, put new paste on, and did the special overheat method that actually works (for those who are too lazy to read the link, they tell you that after replacing the thermal paste, that you should take the fans and place them over the CPU heatsink.

Since the temperature gauge is in the CPU chip, keeping it cool with the fan allows the GPU chip to really heat up without the system realizing it. This is both extremely effective and safe unlike the towel method or letting it overheat normally).

Now here’s my problem. I did the method, it worked, the system ran great for a few days, and then yesterday I got rrod again. So I used that overheating method again, and it is working again.

Am I going to have to repeat this process every 5 days or so for it to work? Is there a permanent solution to this? What exactly does overheating the GPU do?

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  1. believe me, no kind of fixes, tricks or whatever that has 100% rate of success. it only prolong your xbox 360 usability since that console has many flaws in the design.

    if your error is about GPU/CPU/HANA/ANA, IMHO, one of the best solution for your machine is to reball the solder joint with the leaded solder ball. since that solder ball has better reliability than that kind of solder ball MS used for their console (non-leaded solder). ask a specilalist to do it, since it’s really hard to do-it-yourself without proper skills and tools.

  2. Yes.

    If you are willing to mess about repairing it every 5 days like you said, go ahead. But i highly recommend sending it off to repair, or let a qualified specialist take a look at it. Even get a new clamp and replace it yourself, but this may not work and you will lose out on money.

    So, my advice, send it off to Germany, they give you complimentary 48 Hour XBox Live upon return! >:D

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