Home Videos The Xbox One Outsold The PS4 Again…Here’s Why.

The Xbox One Outsold The PS4 Again…Here’s Why.


So The Xbox One (Xbox One S to be exact) has outsold the PlayStation 4 in the United States for 3 months straight. Why have circumstances changed and why is Microsoft enjoying a surge in console sales? I explain why in my newest video.

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The Xbox One Outsold The PS4 Again...Here's Why.


  1. xbox 1 Sucks I Bet The Xbox One S Still Has The Suckish 5 Min Gameplay Record Time (Ps4 Outbeats Xbox 1) Anyday Not Hating On Either System (Playstaion Has) (Ps4) (Ps4 Slim) (Ps4 Pro) (Playstaion Vita) (Playstaion VR) Xbox Don't Even Have A Vr How Is That Possible Microsoft Sold Out Playstaion (Ps4 Pro) Has 4k Gaming

  2. the Xbox one was brought out only by 12 year olds (sorry) I am a major sony fan but get a PC it's like a PlayStation and an Xbox

  3. every person in the comments are pissed deal with it. Why did you click on the video just to whine

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that Xbox and PS are focusing on extra things like movies, music etc. And don't focus much on graphics(but I still love Xbox and PS graphics) and they end up ten years later turning them into a bloody TV and mp3 player instead of sticking to making the gaming experience breathtaking when you pop a game to marvel at the wonderful world and its settings and Divine characters with details that make you appreciate the small details…..
    Damn this is very long and I hope you get the point

  5. The reason these people are mad fanboys is because they're poor and can't for afford the other so they become patriots to there respected console and thus become a plague on gaming along side the pc master race

  6. Did they out sell the PS4 in the USA or worldwide? Because yes you can win a battle but if you don't win the war you're done for.

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