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The Microsoft Xbox – Review – Game Sack


The Microsoft Xbox - Review - Game Sack


  1. I wasn't a fan of Panzers music. I put on Massive Attack while playing and it was amazing how it synced up so perfectly.

  2. Haha, you can see Joe trying not to laugh carrying the cables around the corner. All kidding aside, the "Duke" was far from the most ergonomic controller of that generation (that honor would go to the Gamecube controller, really seemed to conform to your hand). I guess if you have Lou Ferrigno hands it would work out great. An 8 lbs. console is what happens when you say "fuck it, let's build an off-the-shelf gaming PC" and stuff it into a large rectangular box.

  3. BC those are sand rails , i like when ppl think something is stupid or someone is but in fact they are the ones who are wrong

  4. Joe, I had similar problems with playing Quantum Redshift and the original Fable in 480p. What I did was try to go on xbox live via a copy of madden 07, and then downloaded the latest xbox firmware from the disc.I then went to the dashboard and hit both triggers and clicked in both thumbsticks at the same time to run the dashboard in 480i, afterwards I did this again to put it back to 480p. I put my copy of Quantum Redshift in and viola, beautiful 480p,60fps, Mario Kart/F zero rip-off goodness!

  5. Spike out battle street I always really enjoyed for some reason. you should try Beatdown fists of vengeance, from Capcom,, I played the hell out of that one, even if it might be bad. sort of a guilty pleasure for me.

    I really enjoyed the xbox, like joe I always got the xbox versions, and I'm one of those rare folks that really enjoys sports games, and they always loaded quicker on the xbox versions.

  6. I remember my jaw dropping when I played "Blood Wake" back in the day – the wave effects looked absolutely incredible at the time – pretty fun arcade-like gameplay too. Dead or Alive 3 also graphically blew away any fighting game on the competing consoles at the time – the character models, cloth effects etc. were incredible.

  7. The Burnout segment really made me realize something: Out of all the Video Game themed YouTube channels, yours has gone into more depth about sound than any other. Not soundtrack, but the more technical minutiae that most people don't even realize (like me). Same goes for visual stuff. It's a unique perspective that I really like.

  8. Like I said bought spike out on launch day.gamestop let me reserve it. 6player online was soooooo cool being that I am a huge beat em up fan.

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