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Sony Snaps Up All Best PS4 3rd Party Deals | Phil Spencer Claims Scorpio Gets Better 3rd Party Games


Sony Snaps Up All Best PS4 3rd Party Deals | Phil Spencer Claims Scorpio Gets Better 3rd Party Games


  1. Xbox One S is just the slim version like PS4 has the slim version. Scorpio is the MidGen refresh like the Pro.

  2. fox i usually agree with you… BUT if the scorpio is a huge success it will only make sony work harder! if its not it wont matter… i would never want to see sony cocky again like the start of the ps3.

  3. Hi great show keep up the good work, would love to play gear's of war on the PS4 , but fan boys would go crazy, it's the same with ps fan boys as well, just release the game's on all for- mats, just release the first game of gear's of war on the ps, they make money , which leads to better game , for Xbox fan boys, and the same go's for PlayStation .

  4. @Foxy Games UK do video about this fact — Infowars Proven Right Again: XBox Connect Turned Into Spy Tech

  5. I think you bought your xbox s just to be able to bash xbox freely like Tim Whatley in Seinfeld who converted to Judaism just for the jokes:)

  6. The problem with MS is that they're woefully inept at this point. Third parties can't create their console identity for them because third party content is largely long in the tooth.

    The simple fact is that, whether you want to be delusional about or not, Scorpio in MS' Dreamcast.

    With failure comes consequences…and in this industry that has always meant platform collapse to make room for new challengers eventually. Xbots don't want face facts but the cyclical pattern of the industry is set.

  7. I keep forgetting fox does a stream on Wednesday nights. Shame I missed this . Keep up the sterling work good sir.

  8. How many 3rd party games did Microsoft snatch up as exclusives Timed exclusives exclusive marketing deals during the xbox 360 days and even the beginning of this generation xbox fantards forgotten that

  9. come on Fox. checkerboard rendering IS upscaling. it is just a specific type of upscaling. there are many different upscaling techniques….checkerboarding is simply Sony's unique implementation of it. check out the wikipedia page for upscaling or search for it on any tech website that provides detailed articles for stuff like that.

    checkerboarding IS upscaling as well as any solution MS has for the Scorpio. lets not get it twisted.

  10. Sorry Fox I couldn't say what up to ya. I did like the stream. You've given me nothing but facts. Glad you're around.

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  12. You might be able to keep a physical copy of a game forever, but in this day and age nearly every game requires patches.
    Take the 360 version of Fallout: New Vegas for example. That game without any patches is broken as hell and has game breaking bugs that will corrupt your saved data.

    Say 20 years from now, you still have the physical copy of the game but don't have your original 360. You do manage to find another Xbox 360 system but you wont be able to download the patches for the game since the servers have long since been closed down!!!! So you can only play New Vegas in an extremely buggy state with a very high probability that eventually your saved data will become corrupt.

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