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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Review


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Review


  1. I have completed this game it is one of the most underrated game ever…. great game …I still have vibes for it after 2 years of completion …

  2. underrated game and in some ways better than the overrated gta

  3. This game was way better than saints row the third more things to do shooting and driving physics pretty much like gta but better and had an amazing story than saints row

  4. combat is like playing a beat em up, with grapples and stuff. Real good. Driving and stuff is real good. Graphics are very nice. Music is great. Plot is good. Acting is not bad.

  5. guys should i get this or doom. i have played sleeping dogs before but cant decide over this or doom?

  6. Does sleeping dogs remind anyone of rise to honour back on ps2 I think it's the enemy character models

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