Shadow Of The Beast Review

Shadow Of The Beast Review


Shadow Of The Beast Review


  1. If you start the review by asking on which platform this game is even available, how could anybody trust your uninformed opinion…..awful review

  2. I remember the original was shit. And i love old school classics. But yeah, the original was pants as fuck.

  3. three hours for a 2d download game is average/to be expected. how could something hurt a game that is a standard? its like saying "i like halo but there's just a little too much shooting"

  4. Shame 1 reviewer dissed the game and more importantly the original so much.  The Amiga version is and was an iconic game and this 1989 game was brilliant.  I understand that reviewers were not born for certain games but that does not mean a game should be attacked.  Does Galaga look good now ? Goes Space Invaders ? Does Pong ? No is the answer but they gave us game progress whether it be scrolling or diagonal movement or bitmap graphics or vector graphics etc etc.  This reviewer needs to express an opinion without hitting it as hard as he does.  Best of all maybe skirt the topic and just mention the old version because it sounds obvious to me that old games bore him – shame :-(

  5. Lol wow this isn't a review j came here for a review to learn about the game and I got nothing…..
    Well if you need me know km going to a different channel that actually knows how to do a review

  6. Well i had and Amiga 600 with the original S.O.T.B title and the reason this game is so short is it's obviously paying complete homage to the classic. In the classic you spend some time inside a dark tree b4 getting back on open ground b4 heading through an old castle. Once you exit that you fight a giant foot where upon the game randomly ends. Done

  7. This is a good game for the asking price. A bit easy for me, but it's good value.
    Played it on my cousins PS4, and it was worth the time.

  8. the first shadow of the best is the best game of all time. it only need continues, you only had one life.

  9. A remake/reboot of Altered Beast would be great. I remember there was a newer Altered Beast game in development during the XB/PS2 era but it was cancelled unfortunately. Another game that should be rebooted is Nightmare Creatures, I loved that game growing up. A shame they never made another game in that series.

  10. Doesn't look bad, I dig the art style, visceral combat and the pre-rendered backgrounds look beautiful as well. $20 for 3 hrs IMHO is a bit much, then again, there's crappy dlc going for that price and more with as much or even less content.

  11. Only 3ish hours long. Thats a bit of a let down. I'll stick to playing God of War 3 on PS4….which last month was the same price as this game :-/

  12. I pre ordered the game,never played the original until I unlocked it through the game as I was born in 1998. The graphics are absolutely amazing,it's 60fps if you care about that,and while it is dumb that the subtitles for each race must be bought it's kinda cool interpreting the story as you play. Though I would rather you didn't have to find collectibles to get further detail of it. The story itself seems to be a mixture of all 3 original games combined into one. I didn't fully beat it before I bought the subs and every upgrade. It encourages exploration with finding hidden power ups and talismans that act as boosts/further upgrades such as more health or be able to stun every enemy on the screen with a properly timed counter. The only thing I remember complaining about was during the 6th level where it said you could grab onto ledges while falling,I ended up figuring out how to pass that small section by pure luck as it didn't specify which wall to grab.

    I bought this game out of curiosity,which is a rare thing for me. Curiosity instead of pure wanting. The art style and look of everything is just so strange and very weird. I was intrigued by the characters and wanted to know more about the story and how the tale would end. The only other games to bring me that feeling was Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2,although I didn't buy them because I was younger and they scared the shit outta me. (Chicken men holy shit dude) Was I dissapointed? No,although I do wish it was a bit longer. Honestly I think the completion time will differ depending if you're just rushing through or actually exploring and taking your time with it to uncover it's secrets. There's easter eggs that I haven't even discovered yet at all.
    On a numerical scale I would give it an 8. Interesting story hidden within collectibles(really not hard to find them but it's just annoying that's what you have to do to get more insight),smooth game play,intriguing world,upgrades,boss encounters on almost every level,and an unexpected route with the ending. All in all its a good game in my opinion

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