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Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Trailer – First Gameplay


Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Trailer – First Gameplay for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the open-world action RPG set between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Point your face at eight minutes of Shadow of Mordor gameplay, fresh from developer Monolith.

Shadow of Mordor comes out in 2014 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS4 and PC. For more Shadow of Mordor details see: http://youtu.be/_9JvBXxH4d4

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Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Trailer - First Gameplay


  1. After watching shadow of war, I came back to watch what lies they told us about the previous game

  2. Is this game fun to play :-)?

    And is it a good game?

    Cause i heard this game got the game of the year award is that true ?

  3. I find it weird that even before the came out, Comparing the wraith with the actual game, Celebrimbor gameplay trailer scares me more than the actual game.

  4. I'm getting my first ever playstation and I chose this game to be my first game!

  5. Narrator: "In middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, you are Italian."

    Me: So Italians made it to Middle Earth. Interesting.

  6. Seeing this for the first time now I'm kinda pissed, this trailer was nothing like the game actually is.
    I love shadow of Mordor but seeing what it coulda been makes me hate the creators for dumbing it down.

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