PS4 vs Xbox One – Which is Better? (Xbox One vs...

PS4 vs Xbox One – Which is Better? (Xbox One vs PS4 Review)


PS4 vs Xbox One Review. Hope you guys enjoy the video!


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PS4 vs Xbox One - Which is Better?  (Xbox One vs PS4 Review)

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  1. i hate xbox one controller. ps4 controller is better! but xbox one is not better then ps4. ps4 is better then xbox one. i hate xbox1 and xbox1 is so fucking

  2. Why does non accept that xbox and ps4 are both fabulous consoles , and have different features to brga about , if you want more games or an entertainment system then go for xbox one, but if your a hardcore gamer who loves gaming at the best then ps4 is boy , (might even be a girl or trans) 😉

  3. I prefer Xbox since ive never had a PS3/4 however I own a ps2. I have played mw3 on a ps4 once and the controller felt weird cause I'm used to the xbox controller so I thought that instead of wasting around 300 bucks on a console that I'm not familiar with I'd rather buy another xbox. Plus I only know 1 of my friends that have a PS while my other friends have a xbox one and 360.

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