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PS4 and Xbox One Boxing Day Sales – Shit or a Hit? | TheGebs24


PS4 and Xbox One Boxing Day Sales - Shit or a Hit? | TheGebs24


  1. Hey gebs, Love your vids. keeps me entertained, enjoy watching fellow game collectors at work 🙂 Questionié for you, What song is that you used at 4:58 ? I tried searching the lyrics but no joy.

  2. hi did you get pixal pal from game been in 3 game shops now they never heard of them and there not on website

  3. Hi there,
    Love the channel, could you let me know where I can get those awesome pixel pals from please : )

  4. I picked up The Last Guardian and Dishonored 2 in the boxing day sales, both from Game, 55 quid for the two, as Grainger games were still selling them at full wack…

  5. I believe that Gemma that you gained experience from what kind of shopping is like on Bpxong Day in the UK. Fun video nevertheless and keep those videouss comin'

  6. The xbox one elite controller is the greatest control pad ever made bar none, the paddles underneath become second nature after anout an hour or so an do make it quite frustrating when going back to a standard pad. The quickfire triggers are great to use in shooters as well, swapping out the interchangable parts is so simple too. The over all feel and weight of the pad is defo a premium experience an spoils me so much that any other pad seems very inferior. Not a massive fan of the PS4 pad as the battery life is aweful, not too bad in the hands but having large hands feels like a toy in comparison to the Elite control pad, highly reccomend to anyone who is an avid games player with an Xbox one or a P.C to buy one now as trust me you will never look at another pad the same again. Great vid keep up the good work. P.S I saw you in the retro section at EGX2016 whilst showing my nephew how WE used to game when I was his age. oh the questions I got from him were amusing. Peace

  7. As someone who collects every XboxOne controller, the elite definitely has some weight to it, good for extra twitch buttons, so its a premium at a premium price, same goes for the red gears of war elite too. I prefer the Forza one though, has the best grip.

    Last Guardian is great, but ever better with 4K HDR on the Pro.

  8. Shouldv'e told the guy to smile more then take his picture >> to show him what you've been unfortunately looking at >> can't stand down-n-outers

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