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PS3 sticks on PS4! Lab Zero USB Driver Demo


Thanks to our wonderful friend, Skullgirls on PS4 is going to be backward-compatible with a wide range of PS3 sticks! Note that this is not a hardware adapter, it is part of the game itself.
As seen in various articles like http://www.polygon.com/2014/10/22/7040253/skullgirls-encore-ps4-supports-ps3-arcade-sticks-madcatz

PS3 sticks on PS4! Lab Zero USB Driver Demo

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  1. I bought a Qanba Q2 Glow and for some reason the X and Square buttons don't work. Any idea what to do?

  2. hello i have a qanba q2 glow its works fine with your driver in usf4 but the button mapping is wrong is there any way is fix this?

  3. Does this work with Guilty Gear Xrd? I thought I saw people saying Arc System Works weren't using the driver

  4. Awesome! Will get Skullgirls 2nd Encore for sure. Quick question: WILL A MAD CATZ SOUL CALIBUR V FIGHT STICK work with MKX now?

  5. Is there anything additional that needs to be done for this because I keep plugging in my USB ps3 fight stick for MKX and the system just says "cannot use wireless controllers for ps3" and refusing to let me play on it or recognize it at all

  6. Hey, i connected my modded fightsticks on the PS4 to play MKX and doesn't work. My fightsticks are modded for PS3. Will PS3 fightsticks work on PS4 and play MKX?

  7. And what about those PC/PS3 Plug & Play Generic Sticks? I have one here that works perfectly on my PS3 but i don´t use….I miss the home button…

  8. Thanks for replying back. One more question, it will only work on those 2 games, skulls girls & MKX? Or will it work on all fighting games in the future? 

  9. I love your vids, not trying to act cool, not trying to be someone else, just a dude enjoying his games!

  10. Dthanks for the tutorial, I really got stuck on the bridge thing… It was really fucking confusing

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