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PS3 Controller Problems?


My controller stopped syncing. It was working fine until recently, with no physical abuse at all. When it’s unplugged, pressing the PS button or the Reset button does nothing at all, not even the lights. When it is plugged in, all four lights blink, but slower than the normal blinking it does before syncing. A “on. off. on. off.” more than the on-off-on-off rapid fire it normally is. The PS button continues to do nothing, and the Reset button just makes the lights stop momentarily, before starting back up again. After a few moments, less than a minute, the lights stop blinking. I’ve left it plugged in overnight, and tried to run the battery down all the way, to no result. Also, I think I’ve tried every possible combination of PS/Reset buttons possible. I sent this same thing to Sony Customer Support, but they said I would have a reply in 48-72 hours, and I knew that all you good people could do better than that. Thanks for all the help.

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  1. Go to Settings in the XMB, then System Settings, then select Restore Default Settings. This should fix your controller problems if they are related to the 3.10 update.

    You might want borrow a friends controller first before you follow the above course of action, just to make sure that it’s an issue with your PS3, and not a faulty controller.

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