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PS3 + A Power Outtage?


Well my PS3 was in stand by mode(red light), and the power went out for like 15 min, will it be fine and has the PS3 been affected in ANY way? It’s working fine btw.

EDIT: No, no surge protector, but it still works fine.

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  1. If the PS3 is working, then it is fine. You do have the PS3 connected to a surge protector ( [url is not allowed]. ), right?

    All electonics should be connected to a surge protector. If your PS3 is not connected to a surge protector, then hook it up to one, or the PS3 could be fried due to a power outage (the electricity surges in the lines).

    Do not mix up a power strip with a surge protector. If it has a reset button, it is a surge protector, and is what you want to be connected to. If it doesn’t have a reset button, unplug it immediately and throw it away, or use it for things that don’t matter (like a fan, toaster, lamp, etc.).

  2. I’m sure it will be, crikey the amount of times mine crashes. refuses to turn off at the ps3 so I have to turn it off at the wall sometimes lol If you are concerned though get PS3 insurance 🙂 £5 a month covers against accidental damage, and they can replace it in like 2 days, I had to get a new 120gb slim so it was worth having.

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