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PlayStation Store Highlights – 3rd May 2017


PlayStation Store Highlights - 3rd May 2017


  1. >says the assassins creed movie is failthful
    >movie decided to move the apple of eden from the bottom of the sea to a church

  2. Thank you for the highlights. Unfortunately none of these titles hold any interest from me. Back to waiting for the next Elder Scrolls, or GTA…. Gonna be a couple years at least

  3. "A version of football played by men angry with each other about their lack of sleeves." Ah Nathan, now you'll have to play this in One-on-Onesie against Dave to make it up to all your Australian viewers. 😀

  4. Stupid plus giving you, Tales from the Borderlands a bueatifull game
    I already got it stupid plus

  5. Brilliant sales this week. Picked up 5 games for close to 50% off. Check out that Japanese inspired sale everyone.

  6. ??? bosses of square enix?? …boo I was thinking like a Sephiroth or something they mean literally the bosses or CEO of the companies like why you so weird japan

  7. Excellent descriptions of the games, as always. Thanks, Nathan! Looking forward to possibly picking up a sale.

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