Home Videos Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer (PS4) | E3 2013

Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer (PS4) | E3 2013


Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer (PS4) | E3 2013


  1. I am playing this game since last year January, never got bored 🙂 Made also a lot of friends, its cool, I love this game.

  2. is this a good game? I just got a PS4 & I have Dying Light. I want to know if this is a good game as well.

  3. none of this was launch day in the game. only I fractions of it was in DLC most not even at all

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  5. I'm pretty sure this game went wrong because of Activision. Bungie should've gotten a better publisher because Activision is just selling this game in pieces. Sure Bungie may have its mistakes here and there but I'm sure that this game would've been so much better if they were to find a much better publisher that wasn't so obsessed with money. But even then the game isn't bad. It was just a disappointment. If it weren't for the fact that they were selling DLC for so much money… or even sell DLC that was meant to be part of the story at all then this game wouldn't have gotten as much criticism.

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