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“NOOOOOOO!” – Advanced Warfare GAMEPLAY LIVE w/ Ali-A #5! – (Call of Duty AW)


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS3 vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison [60fps][Full HD]


  1. It's funny how advanced warfare had faster movements but bo3 and infinite warfare people jump around a lot more instead of playing the game how it's supposed to be played

  2. It's weird because this made in 2014 and I bought the game in 2017 and I'm already lvl 50

  3. see on this video ps3 graphics look like shit
    but when you play it next to your eyes it's a good graphics

  4. PS5 – Full backwards compatibility; Liquid Cooling; Multi-disc load; touch power eject buttons; Glossy finish; Larger console; 4K Blu ray support; Next generation gaming;

  5. PS3 gaming consoles sold: 83.8 million consoles sold world wide
    PS4 gaming consoles sold: 60 million only.
    Yup PS3 rocks! I love my PS3 60GB….a true black beauty!

  6. Got this for my PS3. I find the graphics hold up well for its generation. A few lighting effects better on PS4 but that's about it. Great game though.

  7. I played advanced warfare on PS3 and it looked like I was playing on PS4 the graphics for me were so good on PS3 I don't know why it looks so shitty in the video it doesent make sense to me

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