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NCAA March Madness 07


NCAA March Madness 07


  1. why is my march madness 2007 on xbox 360 gameplay choppy? Is there any fix? its not smooth

  2. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. It just seems like he doesn't know how to play the game.

    This game is actually pretty good for their first on the 360.

  3. 2:27 then how come in my copy of the game for the Xbox 360 the players do straight forward chest passes? probably because you did that on purpose .

    2:40 never experienced any

    3:08 it's pretty hard for me

    overall this game reviewer tries to make this game look worse than it actually is. I agree with eldjts3.

  4. 0:36 they're not the best controls but they're quite decent

    0:58 for gods sake it's the first ea c college basketball game on the Xbox 360
    1:08 – 1:21 ^

  5. I agree with everything this guys said. I bugs me as well that in the dynasty mode, if your not playing a nationally televised game, there are no anouncers. That combined with the most sluggish gameplay ive ever seen makes this game incredibley frustrating and and unenjoyable to play.

  6. yea man they should and the graphics are awsome when u geta free throw u can see the sweet running down there arms

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