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Natural Doctrine “PS4” Review {English, Full 1080p HD – PS3, PSV, & PS4}


This is my review on Natural Doctrine for PS3, PSV, and PS4. The first JRPG on PS4 is a failure in every sense. Don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe. If you would like to buy “Natural Doctrine” and also help support my channel, then please use this amazon link to purchase it: http://amzn.to/1skomW1

Strategy role-playing gamers be ready, as this game will truly test your ability to conquer the evils that lurk in the sprawling networks of mines and ruins in the areas surrounding the fortress city of Feste. Seasoned explorers and novices alike venture underground into dangerous caves to collect the coveted material known as Pluton. During your first trip down into the depths of one of these mines, you and your new explorer friends quickly realize that things may be more dire than you had imagined as you encounter a brand-new type of evil lurking below the surface. You and your newfound friends must strategically defeat these new difficult foes and warn the kingdom of their presence before it’s too late.

Natural Doctrine


  1. lol no wonder this game is now sold at 72% rebate at ps4 store its just so they can make a little money back.

  2. This game is not graphically great. It is also clunky. There is one thing I can say about this game. It is the most strategical game I ever played. Later in the game you get out number by a long shot. You have no unlimited mana pool for caster's. Every move you make on every turn becomes a thought process. You got to play it like you play chess thinking multiple moves ahead to gain the edge you need. This game is not for people who are easily frustrated. It takes a while before you grasp how to play it . With all that being said I loved it. The game made me think and earn every battle. It challenged me and I have not had a game do that in a long time.

  3. As a Vita game, the graphics are fine. Perhaps for the PS4 …. egh, i see your point.
    I too am a Dysgaea fan and have it installed on the Vita, but I do enjoy opening this game and getting a different game.

    This game definitely reaches out to a specific personality type. I dont want to rush through in a blur of awesome sensory overload. I like painstakingly nudging each piece. It feels more like an animated board game, and I like that.

    For this game to get a fair review, it needs to be judged in a different category. Actually, I wish Dawn Of War 40k did a version with this game play.

  4. this is a robbery, how dare they put a beta game on sale for 59.99
    highway robbery, fucken developers

  5. I had high hopes for this game, but the reality was totally different, this game sucks in every way !!!!

  6. Yes, it's bad
    Yes, it's crap
    Yes, it's horrible
    Yes, it's weird…. you reminded us many times

    And comparing this piece of crap with Final Fantasy IX?, at least, compare it with games that just as bad as this or slightly better (but still bad)

  7. Back in May earlier this year i looked for a Japanese import review and found out the characters were dull, combat could have been better, and the game had serious bugs.

    When i read about that online back in May i started to have doubts about "Natural Doctrine".
    Drakengard 3 was dull, and so was The Witch and the Hundred Knight. I pre-ordered them and picked them up and played them but lost interest to complete them.

  8. The games lead platform was PSP, then it got pushed back to Vita and they decided to make it for PS3 and Ps4 aswell.

    Thats why the "next-gen" feel isnt there.

  9. Thanks for the advice, I almost bought this game with no further information besides the trailers…I've just got disappointed by another game: Drakengard 3, I got it only after watch some trailers, and the fact that it was published by Square Enix. Well I guess I learned an important lesson: 1. seek for information, is better get a little of spoilers than a let down from a game already acquired. 2. The fact that a game is published or even developed by a renown company don't assure that it would be worth of my money.  

  10. This game is for a certain kind of gamer and not for everyone as you can tell from this review. Some people will like it others will hate it.

  11. God your right it looks dreadful and they what £50 in the uk. And i quote in the description on PSN 'stunning visuals'

  12. Next person that says I didn't like it because it was too hard is going to get blocked and deleted. The game wasn't too hard for me. I played it enough and some parts of it are hard. The game is trash because of the three main elements that make up the game are terrible – story, graphics, and gameplay. All 3 were terrible. Go and troll somewhere else.

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