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Microsoft points xbox 360?


hi can you please answer these questions. can you buy full games with Microsoft points? can you buy modern warfare 2 with microsoft points? how many points is a normal game? thanks!

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  1. Yes, you can buy games. Not all games are on the marketplace yet. It depends on how old the game is if a game says 19.99 it is equivalent of 1600 MSP

  2. Yes you can buy Xbox 360 games from the marketplace at Games On Demand. Only certain titles are available though, more get added daily, Games are usually over 2600MS points and can range from 2600 to 6400 is the highest I have seen.

    Hope I helped:)

  3. Yeah u can and they cost around the same as the money value of the microsoft points would be.so like a game that costs 19.99 it’s 1600 microsoft points

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