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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review


An in-depth review of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Playstation 3. This video contains spoilers for MGS1-4.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review


  1. Liquid Poop sucked in this game. In fact he always sucked. That walking toilet joke needs to take his stomach aches and diarrhea and stay the hell out of MGS games.

  2. Solid snake might had flashbacks from naked snake because in the end he is his clone.. Just wanted to throw that in there

  3. I see the similarities between the two sets of music, but the Russian guy's is distinctly different. If they got some inspiration from it, that's fine.

  4. "…and the first one he runs into is Johnny, better known by his codename: Liquid Poop"

  5. My fav Metal Gears
    1. MGS Peace Walker (Written to be MGS5 but Konami stopped it being numbered entry as it was not developed for consoles)
    2. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots
    3. MGS2: Sons of Liberty
    4. MGS1
    5. MGS3: Snake Eater (hate the manual camo and survival gameplay in this – also bumblebee man (The Pain) as a boss battle was beyond the pale for suspension of disbelief, way too far fetched)
    6. MGSV (GZ & TPP) – feel like TPP is deliberately called "MGSV" rather than "MGS5" to hint at PW as the legit 5th entry and because…well Venom

  6. The European part of this game is still my favourite section….dunno how he slammed it so hard in this review.

  7. Why does no one ever mention the part were Meryl says Cambel is her father I mean I thought I was missing something but it just comes out of nowhere.

  8. yeah all the filler sucked but the ending was brilliantly done considering all the angles that needed to be considered to make the majority happy. everyone can't win lol.

  9. I think I get what the contrast of the fanservice and unsettling imagery was supposed to mean in regards to the BB unit. I think the unsettling imagery was supposed to symbolise Hideo's yearning to escape from displaying fanservice, the screams, the puking – as if trying to expel the urge to use fanservice in his work. I think it was an elaborate cry for help, as if making a game with THIS much fanservice is making him sick. A bit of a stretch but I think i'm onto something.

  10. Mgs4 Seriously needs ps4 Remaster or Pc PORT

    Because Played it Again now, it kinda permorce kidna messy, it struggle at 30fps at certain moments

  11. >complains about the lack of the Metal Gear Solid Theme
    >somehow forgets the music is used right before the final boss

    this fucking guy.

  12. I personally like the game I think it's one of the best in the series I don't know why, but I felt like I knew what snake was thinking he's dying and needs to finish whats he's started.

  13. who was confused by Otacon crying over Naomi's death sure they spent some time togethere and she was nice to sunny, but it's no where near what his relationship with Sniper wolf was (or Emma, but she is his sister so it's a little different)

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