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MCM 2015: Let’s Play Live: Constructor HD with a Bunch of Undesirables


It’s exclusive first showing in public.

MCM 2015: Let's Play Live: Constructor HD with a Bunch of Undesirables


  1. I used to play this when I was a kid like 7 or 8 back then with dial up internet no google made figuring out how to play difficult! I loved it though i'm guna get it!

  2. For the love of God just make sure there is a safe zone option, most of the time these games that are intended for PC and then made for console do not readjust to the size of TVs over monitors meaning the edges are cut off. And some TVs have no way of fixing it.

  3. This is the exact same as the original, which you can get on GoG for $5. This game will cost $40. Not worth it. Like I said, the gameplay will be EXACTLY the same as the original which you can get for $5, or free if you look in the right places. Any potato computer can run the game as well.

  4. That girl! needs a script with questions her mindless chat distracts us from the purpose of this video!

  5. I wish they released an enhanced, remastered version of Street Wars: Constructor's Underworld / Mob Rule

  6. This is the first computer game I ever bought, I got it for my birthday in 1997.. memories!

  7. Why the hell the tenants are pictures are ugly, cheap-looking cartoons.

    And playing with a pad? Wth is that? If it is still the same game as original constructor with the same difficulty level then was then there is no way you can beat AI playing with a pad…

  8. There's some nerves struck in the old PC Vs Console gang in these comments! They are 2 complete different experiences, before someone jumps down my throat I have a PC and PS4. If a game is available on both I will do as much research as I can on control layout for each one and price is a factor typically PC is cheaper to buy the games for just the start up cost and maintaining the quality is where it's expensive where as a console is cheaper to start up and maintain just more expensive to buy games. PC is a lot more competitive where as you can find a casual laid back gaming experience on console. As I said 2 complete different experiences you wouldn't compare driving a Lamborghini to driving a monster truck would you?

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