Home Xbox Games Lichdom: Battlemage (PS4 WALKTHROUGH/GAMEPLAY) – Part 1 (Rocky Start)

Lichdom: Battlemage (PS4 WALKTHROUGH/GAMEPLAY) – Part 1 (Rocky Start)


Lichdom: Battlemage (PS4 WALKTHROUGH/GAMEPLAY) - Part 1 (Rocky Start)


  1. if they made it better and better frames per second it would be better….. like cuz with games now they should be better than this and have a way to show you what to do idk all and all should be better

  2. saw this on amazon for 20 bucks was like oh awesome a mage unlimited spell game now after watching this i feel sick lol but i may get the game still for whatever reason maybe a used one for 5 bucks

  3. Wow thats unfortunate. Im enjoying it on the pc. Getting 50-60 fps with a gtx 760 and i5 4670k. It still has a slight choppy feel to it even when the fps are fine. But definitely playable.

  4. Lol can't even skip without an Applebees commercial. fuck off. this game sucks too. Get Borderlands moron.

  5. just brought this game today and its at 2 fps and bugged so and cant use my magic at the start of the game.
    worth every cent(sarcasm)

  6. I'm glad I looked up gameplay of this game before I bought it cause it's on sale right now and I know why it's on sale.

  7. I almost bought this on sale earlier today. I am so happy I waited.

  8. Hey I reallllllly want to play this do you know when the patch is out ?? I'm afraid if I buy it and play it now I will be done with it by time it's patched lol

  9. This game looks very smooth, I especially like the implementation of motion blur and chromatic aberration! Do you recommend that I buy this? It's only being sold for 40 euros here where I live!

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