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LCD VS Plasma TVs


There are a few points to consider when making your new purchase.

Size: Both LCD and Plasma TV’s are as thin as you could hope for. In terms of screen sizes Plasmas are generally the point of choice if you want to go large (around 40″ upwards) whilst the LCD’s cater for the smaller sizes (anything down to a 15″). However, this isn’t to say you can’t get a good 40″ LCD TV; you can, its just that the Plasma tends to be the point of choice if you are going REALLY big.

Viewing Angle: Plasmas tend to boast a fantastic viewing angle of anything up to 160 degrees around the screen. Whereas LCD’s tend to lose a lot of contrast and colour at these sorts of angles. However, if you are using your screen for some sort of front-on cinema option there is very little difference.

Screen burn: Plasma screens are susceptible to something called screen burn, which occurs when a bright image, like the BBC news 24 news ticker, is displayed on screen for an extended period of time. The constant saturation ‘tires’ plasma’s phosphors, leaving a permanent shadow of the bright image behind. LCD technology is pretty much immune to this problem.

Longevity: Some industry types would have us believe that the LCD TV’s can last twice as long as their Plasma counterparts (around 40 years with 4hrs use against 20 years with 4hrs). Obviously these are very much LCD-biased reports, but it does seem that LCD does last longer. (It really depends on how many 24 hour Xbox 360 sessions you have!)

Power consumption: LCD’s require less power than Plasmas. Simple. So for you green-fingered technophiles, LCD would be the way to go!

Colour Saturation: Plasma traditionally scores high here because of the way it blocks light, turning off pixels when they’re not needed so that no stray light can dilute its colours. With LCD it is commonly known that it can’t do black quite as well. So you might get “very dark grey” but not a pure black.


So, LCD or Plasma? They are much of a much ness really. One tip, especially for those that want to future proof, make sure that the telly is HD ready, with component and HDMI inputs on the back. Don’t just harp for a quick and cheap LCD telly on eBay (as my friend recently did, and found out there were no such inputs. He was a little disgruntled because he didn’t get the full Xbox 360 “experience”)

Just research want you want from the TV (size, cost, power consumption etc) and make your choice based on that.

For me, its back to the 360 on my lovely 32 inch LCD HD ready Samsung. Biased? Me? No!


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