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Is Sony’s HDMI the best HDMI cable for PS3?


I brought a new HDMI cable for my PS3 today at Fry’s it’s Monster Cable 700HD HDMI. It worked okay but I still couldn’t hear dialogue between the video game characters in some games that I own except for Heavenly Sword, Resistance Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Brothers In Arms Hells Highway, all these that I own the dialogue between all the characters are awesome but I for Assassins Creed you can’t hear * except for the special effects and music so I’m thinking if I should return the HDMI cable I brought and shop at other stores and look for Sony’s HDMI exclusively for PS3

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  1. Make sure its an HDTV (which im sure it is), and have the settings to 1080p. I bought the PS3 HDMI cable at walmart for 30 dollars. Changed some settings and now its the best graphics ive seen!

  2. It actually depends on the television your using! If you are using plasma or LCD with 1080p, I can tell you this! THE GRAPHICS IS GOING TO BE COOL! It’s only if you use HDMI. But maybe Sony HDMI is better quality.

  3. That’s not the cable. That’s your settings or something else. If the distance between TV and PS3 is less than 3 meters, the brand doesn’t matter at all. I bought a cable for 15$ – works really good.

  4. It’s not the HDMI cable, but the audio setting that causes this behaviour.

    Your cable is absolutely fine, and any other cable will not make an improvement. As HDMI is fully digital, it either works, or it fails completely. There is no “picture works, but sound is bad” with a HDMI cable as a cause.

    Do you have a TV that is able to receive and decode Dolby Digital 5.1 sound? Or is it “just” a Stereo TV?

    Games that make excessive use of surround sound use the “center” speaker for the main dialog, and only use reverb and echo effects of the dialog on the left and right speakers.

    If your TV doesn’t properly mix the center speaker to the left and right stereo speakers, then you will only hear the more silent dialog effects on the left and right channels, and not the center.

    Either plug the HDMI cable into a “real” Dolby Digital 5.1 capable amplifier, or on the PS3’s Audio settings only allow Stereo audio. Not Surround.

  5. It all depends on the type of cable make sure its PS3 Capible and amke sure that its 1080i cable it will work best then with sound and picture on your TV wether its full HD or HD Ready.

    Hope this helps.

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