is little big planet a good PS3 game?

is little big planet a good PS3 game?


and what do you do

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  1. Well, if you are looking to just deviate from hardcore gaming to something intuitive,then there is no better game than LBP.It is basically a platform game where you go from left to right(just like mario) and overcome obstacles.Sounds simple does it?Well, here in lies the main beauty of the game, you have to build various thing to help you to reach your destination.You can virtually build anything(absolutely anything) to help you.Though the process seems to be daunting and boring it actually isn’t,you can get immersed in this game for hours at a stretch.Also, the beautiful graphics and great sound track add to the pleasure.

    Also, as this is an open platform game,you can download many more levels from the PSN and you can also make your own levels and upload.

    In my opinion, just download the demo first and see if you like it and then buy the game(personal taste differs.)

  2. Everythng in the game can be played either offline or online. Me and a friend beat the whole story mode offline and then we finished a few of the other levels online because they had parts in which you needed three and four people to beat and get stuff.

    Ultimately you go through the game and play on stages to beat the story in a variety of locales. You and your sackboy go through levels trying to reach the end by facing either large inventions from the Creator and going through his weird contraptions, such as a huge mousewheel or helping someone get married on their stage. Its quite exciting because the levels interact with you. You can grab everything, move everything virtually, and even decorate them. IT is a great adventure platform game with all that you can do.

    The level creation and online aspect of the game is awesome because you can go and view thousands of levels that others created and you can make your own. Some of the levels are awesome, like the Azure Palace, one of the most interesting created levels that I have found and even another one like the Ninja Warrior level that others created and possibly the Mirrors Edge, Green Hill Zone, Super Mario World, etc levels.

    There is tons of DLC that is always available each week, both free and paid for content. The game has a lot going for it and will continue to grow as time goes on. It is an awesome and lovable game and you will grow to love your Sackboy and Sackgirl with the many ways that you can decorate and customize their world.

    The physics of the game is amazing as well in which you can interact with just about everything, grip to everything, buttons will activate aand cause things to move. There is even a skateboard and movable cars in levels. It is really invigorating.

    I would definitely make every effort to get this game.

  3. if you play loco roco on psp then this is like it but worse

    loco roco is fun and addictive

    this is just boring

    hope this helpes

  4. Its’a kind’a like’a my Cousins Mario an’a Luigi game. Lots’a hopping up an’a down’a. Not’a real’a good’a one.

  5. The first two people have never played the game. I can assure you that. They have just seen screenshots and labeled it as kiddy and boring.

    Screw them.

    This game is absolutely incredible.

    It has not recieved a score anywhere below a 9/10, and is the second highest rated exclusive game of all time.

    It is awesome.

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