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Is it still worth it to buy an Xbox 360? If so, which should I get between the 4gb and 250gb?


Considering the date today, will it still be worth it to buy the Xbox 360? Ive been hearing rumors about the Xbox 720 so I would like to know if getting the 360 would still be worth my money.

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  1. Definitely get the 250GB Xbox 360. The 4GB is a joke (the hard drive is not changeable, and it can’t hold anything practically), and the 720 has no definite release date, so you may end up waiting a very long time. Also, it is all around a bad idea to get a brand new console, given the bad history with the recent 3rd generation consoles. 360=RROD, PS3=random catching-on-fire, 3DS=burned up graphics processor. So, you will want to wait for a while after it is released to avoid these issues. Go with the current technology that works.

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