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Invocation Request Dark Souls (PS3)?


Actually I’m stuck in Anor Londo at the point when there are the flying creatures and the archers, so I would like to know if there are any player on PS3 who can be summoned in order to help me.

I know that I can summon other players in the range of 5 levels higher/lower than mine (I’m lv. 43)

I can also help other players if you want

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  1. urrgggg yeah I used to stuck there too, the creatures are annoying. you must take them out first before you can proceed. your the only obstacle is the knight archer. sometimes you can get pass him or make him fall to his death.

  2. I usually use poison arrows to easily deal with the archers. You can stand way in the back and shoot them from afar in order to poison them. Once they’re poisoned, you just wait until they die. You can buy poison arrows from the undead female merchant in the waterway between Firelink Shrine and the lower undead burg.

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