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I’m looking for a ps3 game similar to fallout?


I only have a ps3, and am looking for a good game with an immersive storyline and just an abundance of stuff in general. Both Fallout 3 and New Vegas are two of my favorite games ever because of the uniqueness and raw vastness. One thing that makes it harder is I’m not looking for anything medieval. I played skyrim and got bored halfway through (yeah I got bored of it, sue me). Those kind of games just don’t have enough variety to keep me interested. I’m really into hidden gems so I’m looking for something I’ve never heard of. I know this is close to impossible so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any insight.

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  1. I feel you!! I love these types of games, I just wish they would make more!!

    Unfortunately the only game I can think of is called borderlands, but it’s not even close to as fun as fallout.

    But look it up!

    Btw I can’t wait for fallout 4

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