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I’m 14 years old. In real life I sound like a normal 14 year old boy, fairly deep voice but on xbox live.?


I sound like a little ten year old and I get a lot of stick off my mates for it. Does anybody know how to fix this or has the same problem?

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  1. There isn’t really anything you can do.

    I used to have the same problem when I was around that age.

    But in about a year it just changed by itself.

  2. tell then do fkuck off or do what i do.

    A*wipe: talk to me when your balls drop

    You : they dropped in your moms mouth

    or just ignore them. its a video game its supposed to be fun who cares what people think your sound like in real life. half of those people are 40 year old people who have never talked to a girl

  3. Dude, the only people I think sound 10 are whiners, if you whine/annoy a lot then you have problems with teammates.

    If you are mature about problems and decisions in the game then you won’t have problems. Age and voice has nothing to do with it. I know 25 year old guys that act like 8 year olds on xbox live.

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