I need help buying an xbox?

I need help buying an xbox?


Ive never owned an xbox before and im not sure which one would be a good choice. I would play online sometimes aswell. These are the deals that are avaliable at my local store

Xbox 360 Pro console (60gb) – $397

Xbox Elite Console (120gb) $447

Xbox Elite Console with 5 games bundle (120gb) -Halo: ODST,Forza, Motorsports 3, UFC Undisputed 2009, Lego Batman, Pure. – $399

Xbox 360 Arcade (256mb) $299

i dont know much about choosing an xbox but if you could help me thatd be great!

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  1. I would say that your best option would be the Xbox Elite console with the 5 games for $399. The Elite package has everything you will need. The thing is though if you buy an Xbox and you play with it every day for just a few hours you can be guaranteed that it will break in a years time. I have not met anyone that has never had any problems with their Xbox.

    I am currently using my third Xbox. I play all the time so I put my console through allot. Hopefully you will be lucky and not have problems.

  2. Your store is weird, at my store exact same deals $100 less

    I would go for the elite bundle with 5 games

  3. Take Xbox Elite Console with 5 games bundle (120gb). It is the most value and lets you start playing without choosing games.

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