How to win in one turn in Blood Bowl 2

How to win in one turn in Blood Bowl 2


Some times it doesn’t take too long before you get the rage quit.

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How to win in one turn in Blood Bowl 2


  1. there are no dlc's but i dont have wood elves nor do i have lizardmen can someone explain

  2. this wood elf player either doesn't understand what blood bowl is about, or something came up in their life and they had to leave the game.

  3. The blizzard looks fine. Better a few flakes than an actual blizzard that makes it hard to see the game.

  4. Woot, just created a new team (Woody Priapism) for this! I listen to your videos all the time (while working) 😀

  5. Weak opponent… You should always fight it out, 2 elves can easily create a goal :þ He was lucky too only ko´s that´s better than injuries.

  6. I was expecting a "Random players downed" event that took out his whole team lol, had one once that stunned all my opponents players other then 2 and just downed a single one of my guys… instant quit/victory lol 😛

  7. Ah, that's what I wanted to know, if cKnoor is playing in the 3rd TGS/Polaris League (AKA Crendor's League) and what race. High Elves mean that some of the other teams are going to suffer. I remember the match cKnoor played against UnitLost, who return in this League. They are going to have a harder time if the most veteran player is playing a decent team. High elves and their good agility and specialised players means more plays that would normally be risky. A shame that BB2 doesn't have any of the more fun and difficult teams. I'm trying figure out how to do Goblins well in BB:CE, with the right set-up they can score multiple times during a match. Man do I enjoy Goblins, however terrible they may be.

  8. I was hoping for some amazing one turn play that resulted in a touchdown, I guess conceding a game counts too :)

  9. This is one of the biggest problems in this game. You can concede however you want, you get to much of an advantage if your opponent concede after a turn or two. I guess it evens out if a lot of people do it. A bigger point is that you can play without trying to win, just letting each other score 5+ times each without blocking or even trying to stop each other. But i guess if you don't want to play killer chaos you don't have to, which is a big negative point for both fumbbl and cyanide bb (the game needs an update, rule wise). The only advantage of killer chaos is that dwarfs don't like claws.

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