Home Videos How To: Fix your L3 thumb stick, PS4 controller

How To: Fix your L3 thumb stick, PS4 controller


How To: Fix your L3 thumb stick, PS4 controller

How to Replace Worn-Down Thumbsticks on PS4 Controller!


  1. Thank you so much, I had a broken controller for the longest time in fear of breaking it while trying to fix it, but thx to u I finally fixed it

  2. I fucked up royally I removed the ribbon from the back peace instead of the front peace fuck me

  3. This was really helpful man! I took my time to open up and i found a little piece of dust inside

  4. ohhh myyy gooodd thank you so much i was watching a bunch of videos that said just pry it open but my controller was still being an asshole and i broke the clips next to the triggers. anyway thanks to you ive fixed what needed to be fixed thank you.

  5. I took it all apart and sprayed WD-40 Silicone spray. I have tried playing some games and it still dosnt work. Its just as bad as it was before. Im probably gonna have to spend $90 to get a new controller. To all you who it worked for – your lucky.

  6. my ps4 controller options button stuck(doesn't let to click)what to do??plz sb help me

  7. hello, I was just wondering if you could send me some links for some cheap but good air duster, electrical switch cleaner and the di-electric grease? I can only find stuff around 50€ or people say it plain sucks :/

  8. my left analog stick don't have sprinting problems its just that every time I move the stick to the left it gets stuck but it don't get stuck in any other position please help

  9. Thanks a lot yah fuck now I can't use a mic or any headphones on that controler wtf should I do

  10. when i play a game and try to go right the stick moves but it doesn't react to it in the game but when i try and go left, up and down it works

  11. i know i came here to change out my worn out thumb pads but had to come back to check out some more stuff when i realize i had take apart my entire contoller. Oh FYI to all who watch this It would be best to watch the entire video or at least let ryan be a step or two ahead before starting, but its all good i replace my thumb sticks and my controller is working properly. Thanks Ryan

  12. Thanks so much bro, my thumbstick popped out of place and was shifting to the right. With these amazing instructions I was able to open the controller pop the stick in place and put it back together! Thanks man! +1 sub and like!

  13. i HATE the thumsticks on these DS4's. I wonder if i can replace them with the ones from the DS3's

  14. I've done this a few days ago because I remember a month ago I've ordered PS4 ThumbSticks off of Ebay & when I've received then in a Royal Blue Color , I remember taking apart my control pad then putting in the thumbknobs then reassemling the control pad but something went wrong here < They're weren't the actual thumbstick because they were designed for The Xbox control pad only because they started to rub against the thumstick interior causing my gameplay to stay in one direction when moved but I had to later put back on the original thumbsticks in order to play my video games again.

  15. I think it will be easier to just buy another controller than to risk breaking my controller

  16. thanks, I didn't really care if my controller would work afterwards, because I just needed the sticks for my scuf, but it's still working.

  17. I did exactly what you said in both my controller and they don't work anymore. I let my father and he did the same and they still don't work, i don't know what to do.

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