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How Scary is Outlast?


We locked 20 people from IGN in a room and had them play Outlast to answer the question. What did we discover? See for yourself.

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How Scary is Outlast?


  1. CUTE Naomi Kyle, FIRST Thought was Jessica Chobot gone Blonde, Guess I DidN't got my DailyFix 😛

  2. these people get too scared, I played this for the the first time last week and it was my first horror game. yes I did shit my pants but I didn't jump to the point where I left the keyboard lol. the jumpscares didn't get me it was the chasing parts

  3. Outlast is scary for everyone saying it isn't I've watched many playthroughs of the game and I was scared shitless the whole way through and I was utterly joyful the whole way through as well, play it yourself and learn that it's scarier than talking to girls

  4. Now that i am playing this kind of horror games, i will now be aware of exit signs, they would literally cost your life lol ……

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